Many years ago, my uncle mentioned The Dark Tower series by Stephen King at Thanksgiving (the only way I know it was Thanksgiving is because that’s the only time I see him).  In holidays past, he discussed one of the King Arthur books (I think these are a genre, not sure), Lord of the Rings, Neil Gaiman and many other fantasy related topics with my cousins.   My uncle, however, rarely speaks with me.  Ever.  I think my whole life we’ve had about 5 conversations, one of them being if if the eulogy I was delivering at my grandmother’s funeral was appropriate (he was moved to tears, thankyouverymuch).

I tried to read Lord of the Rings and I just hated it (don’t leave me hate comments about this, at least I tried), so I knew that was out of the picture.  But, Stephen King might just work.  I like Stephen King and he’d written some nerd fantasy books my uncle was in love with…score.

For FOUR YEARS, I read the series.  I must admit, a conversation with my uncle wasn’t the only reason I read it.  Like I said, I enjoy Stephen King and the books, for the most part, were enjoyable.  I kept going, book after book, knowing that when I finished the seventh and final chapter, my uncle would have to have a conversation with me that consisted of more than, “How’s school?”

Finally, Halloween night of this year, I finished.  The ending was horrible and I literally screamed out loud that I wanted four years of my life back, Stephen King, but it was done.

Five days ago, it was my day.  Thanksgiving and me being done with the books was finally here.  There was my uncle in his socks and sandals, like always.  I sidled over to his chair and took a seat on the couch beside it.  My moment had arrived.

“So,” I said.  “I just finished The Dark Tower Series.”

“Yeah?” he said.

“Yes.  The ending was insane.  Can you believe that?”

“Oh, you didn’t like it?” he asked while sipping his sweet tea and looking at the tv.  “I thought it was great.  I can’t imagine it ending any other way.”

“Really?” I said.  “Well, it made sense that in the first book Roland–”

He interrupted me.  “Yeah.”  Then he got up and walked off to say something to someone else.