I’m finished with my quarter.  The build up to final critique is insane.  There’s really nothing like it.  The week before, no one is sleeping or eating or doing anything fun.  Which means there is a huge lack of rationality.  And a lot of crying.

But it’s all worth it, I tell myself.  Because I just know my projects are awesome (well, some of them). If I work hard enough, the critique panel will like my stuff and they’ll tell me their companies are going to hire me on the spot and I can drop out of school and nyan cats will rain down upon me.

It never happens that way!

I spent hours upon hours upon hours (x100) working on a model for a knitting shop. Here’s some lovely pictures:

(The first rendition of the outside walls were clay, but they fell apart after it dried.  The clay walls were awesome)

I also knitted and crocheted all of those little things out of embroidery floss. EMBROIDERY FLOSS. On size 0 needles.  I’m so glad to be done with that.

So, the lady in my critique told me it was too expected. She wanted to see more. And that the rest of my projects were not very good (No nyan cats raining :(  ). The other 2 people were more pleased, but the one lady.  Geez.

But now it’s over. Yay. And it’s Christmas time! Yay. See the little Christmas tree in the model? No detail left unattained, ya’ll.