I’ve had a sinus infection for the past month or so. It’s pretty much like an apocalypse on your body and soul. Because you get sick for a couple of days. Nausea, aches, chills, the works. Then you feel better and you think you’re cured. No problem. Right?

Hell no! It comes back again a few days later full force. And you think, maybe the cold is just back and you didn’t get rid of it like you thought. Wrong again! The process of feeling better than sick then better than sick over and over and over again makes you feel crazy. And then, you convince yourself you have AIDS and you think back over everyone you’ve ever been with and if they could be suspect for having AIDS. And then you get on WebMD (always a horrible idea) and look up the symptoms of AIDS and you’re convinced you have it. So you don’t go to the doctor and you keep getting sick and well and sick and well and sick and well and sick and well.

Then, one day you finally drag your sorry ass to the doctor because you just can’t take it anymore and if it is AIDS then at least you’ll know and people who have AIDS are, like, living forever these days, right?

You find out it’s a sinus infection (even though for some reason the doctor asks you if you’re pregnant a million times because you’re a girl…ass) and not AIDS.

You get 7 days worth of antibiotics and it finally goes away. Rejoice!!