It’s baaaaack! I forgot how much I loved sharing these and I’m on break right now so I’m delusional and think I’ll have tons of time to look up stuff on the interwebz and for blogging after break is over.


I freaking love a good gnome. And these are adorable. I have one in my yard, but he fell over and was rained on and he kind of looks like a nightmare now. But I still love ’em.

This ring and I are made to be together. For reals, ya’ll.

I would love to have one of these, but I believe it involves keeping a plant alive, and I just can’t do that. I’ve tried, but I know it will die. Maybe just to prove a point, but it will!

Have you seen this? Dashing is an online only magazine that is just amazing. If you like Bust, you’ll love this, too. I have fallen in love with it. And you can download some kind of iPad app (I don’t know because I don’t have one) to read it like that. And I think you can print it out if you’re now down with reading it on the screen.

Jessica Singh is an amazing illustrator. Check out her website. It’s amazing. FIN.