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Even though we had no winter down here in Georgia, it was still winter-ish (depressing and dark and bare and dead). Until this week. It’s been awesome.

You know that whole thing from Bambi about being “twitterpated?” I totally have that going on right now. For some reason, in the spring, everything is more exciting, fun, fantastic. I just want to make stuff and be outside! And touch someone. Appropriately. But maybe not. Both. Definitely both.

And Chico’s really excited.

But, you guys. There’s the pollen. We had it at a 9,000+ count the other day. My brain can’t even register how much pollen that is. It’s a yellow cloud and I’m afraid to wear white or sit on anything. I just know my chest hurts and Chico is allergic and that baby Benedryl makes him high and he’s about to be really high.

One thing about not having winter is bugs. There are bugs everywhere. According to my mom, not having a winter means that there are going to be ridiculous amounts of bugs. I tried to make a little bee to go on that flower picture, but I realized it was going to take me forever to get it how I want it and I don’t care that much so just pretend you see a bee over there. Even though bees are cool.

So, spring is awesome and it makes me want to knit (isn’t that weird?) and sew things. And just be awesome and wear dresses and look dewy and fun and reach out and kiss someone.

Anyone else?

{rose picture source, styling by me}


Recently, I was thinking about my love of proclamations. They’re pretty much ultimatums I make for my life and then never follow through. Well, sometimes I follow through, I guess that’s another proclamation. The never. Does anyone else have a problem with this? It often seems like most people have it all together and just know what to do and have no problem being adults. So, I’m like, I need to get it together. Let’s make a change, self. Then I tell myself things like,

I’m never talking to her again

I’m never talking to him again

I’m never smoking again

No more texting

No more facebook

I’m going to call one of them every day

I’m going to work out every day

I’m never eating sugar again

Those people are crazy

I’m crazy

I’m not dating anyone for 6 months

I’m going to do (fill in random, intense life change here) every day/week/month/second

I’m going to do this better

I’m going to do this perfect

Then after I make said proclamation, the next week/month/day (more often than not, it’s the next day…sigh) I’m doing it again. But not just doing it, I’m doing it full force. I’m all like, well, eff it. If I can’t do said ridiculous thing perfectly, then I might as well do the opposite super intensely. Like, I’m going to smoke 3 PACKS OF CIGARETTES TODAY since I smoked one (I have actually quit smoking for a little over 2 months, yay me), I’m going to call the shit out of this person, I’m going to eat 4 pounds of sugar, I’m going to drink EIGHT cups of coffee!!

So, after I break the whatever, I’m super disappointed in myself and I feel like a failure and a loser and crazy and like I’m never going to do anything right and blah blah blah. It’s kind of no wonder I continue to attract crazy people. Goodness me.

Maybe I will try to say things like, I’m going to try to do this better, once a week, cut down, quit, whatever. And then if I fail I can try again. Because life is more about trying and doing my best. Not doing it perfect. No one can live up to that.

Can you relate?

It’s been raining here for what feels like forever (it’s been 8 days or so). We Atlantans were getting a little depressed. And by we, I mean me and some of my school and Twitter friends. We’ve been depressed and complaining about it to each other.

We’re over it!

And since I can’t seem to get to bed before 3 am (damn you youtube!) I usually look at how the sun is shining into my room to see what time it is when I open my eyes in the morning. Before 9, sleep on, after 9, get up because I assume my mom thinks I’m lazy for lying in bed for so long because she doesn’t know I stay up all night watching weird videos online. My point is, the rain has made this impossible. Especially when it’s really dark and horrible outside all day. And thundery. Boo.

As you may know, no one in Atlanta can drive. And the rain makes it worse. Imagine everyone going over 80, no blinkers, merging without looking and self-righteous driving with a thunder storm. Nightmare.

Today, my friends, the sun is shining. When I woke up, the sun was out and I thought it was after 10am, so I jumped up, but it was only 8:45. Maybe I’m not as good at sun time telling as I thought. Maybe I’m just out of practice. Today’s going to be lovely. A little vitamin D goes a long way. (Not to mention today is our only oasis from the rain. It’s storms for the rest of the week)

{picture source}


Inspired by this post, I’m going to dedicate 2012 to positivity.  In the past, I’ve often been over taken by pity for myself. Which is ridiculous because I’m so blessed and lucky. It’s not everyone whose parents would let her move home to go to graduate school and it’s not everyone who has the chance to follow her dreams and even go back to school. I have wonderful and supportive family and friends who are always there for me when I need some lifting up. And lately, I’ve been able to be there for them when they have needed love. It’s been awesome.

I’ve really tried to dedicate myself to positivity these past few months and it’s been amazing. Like, really,life changing amazing. Having a good attitude and looking to the positive and having a smile or a nice thought for others really makes a difference. I’ve also noticed that not being a jerk in traffic is helping, too. I don’t know if you know this, but in Atlanta, every driver is an asshole.  If one puts his blinker on, there is no way he is going to be able to change lanes. Everyone speeds up so that person can’t change lanes. This is my nature, it’s just what everyone in Atlanta does. But I don’t have to be like that and I’ve tried my best not to be. Now, I’m less angry when I drive.

So, 2012, I’m going to be nicer and maybe even start spewing some rainbows of my own.

I’m finished with my quarter.  The build up to final critique is insane.  There’s really nothing like it.  The week before, no one is sleeping or eating or doing anything fun.  Which means there is a huge lack of rationality.  And a lot of crying.

But it’s all worth it, I tell myself.  Because I just know my projects are awesome (well, some of them). If I work hard enough, the critique panel will like my stuff and they’ll tell me their companies are going to hire me on the spot and I can drop out of school and nyan cats will rain down upon me.

It never happens that way!

I spent hours upon hours upon hours (x100) working on a model for a knitting shop. Here’s some lovely pictures:

(The first rendition of the outside walls were clay, but they fell apart after it dried.  The clay walls were awesome)

I also knitted and crocheted all of those little things out of embroidery floss. EMBROIDERY FLOSS. On size 0 needles.  I’m so glad to be done with that.

So, the lady in my critique told me it was too expected. She wanted to see more. And that the rest of my projects were not very good (No nyan cats raining :(  ). The other 2 people were more pleased, but the one lady.  Geez.

But now it’s over. Yay. And it’s Christmas time! Yay. See the little Christmas tree in the model? No detail left unattained, ya’ll.

My internet is slow, it’s a ho!
I hate it and I want it to know.
I’m trying to watch vide–oooooos!
Because I’m angry and blue
And I have no reason to

Working away

After posting this yesterday about dying from boredom, I read Miss Mal’s blog post about 10 things that bring her joy and decided this is a good thing for me to participate in.

So here are

  1. Chico (duh)
  2. Working hard at something I love
  3. My knitting designs
  4. My paintings
  5. My eyes
  6. When I feel good about the way I look and give myself a break and stop telling myself I’m fat.  I’m getting better at accepting what I see in the mirror and this is a small miracle.
  7. My wonderful lady friends
  8. My new job (not the actual job, but the fact that I’m making some money)
  9. My computer
  10. How much work I’ve done on myself in the past 2 years to grow into the best me I can be
What are your 10 things?  Tell me in the comments or link to your own blog post

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Soooooooooooo, school started yesterday.  I was going to wear a dress, then I decided not to at the last minute because I didn’t want to look like I was dressing up for class.  Because I don’t want people to know I want them to think I look nice (I’m super lame sometimes).  Well, I got to school and all of my friends had on super cute dresses.  ‘sigh’  I did the next best thing to wearing a cute dress, I took pictures.

Here are some of my lovely friends from school.  They didn’t know what to do with their hands, so I had them pose, blogger style.

Aren’t they so cute and pretty?  Their personalities are just as sunny as their smiles (most of the time)

I had a nice holiday on Monday.  But it stormed.  For half of the day.  Beautiful, sunny, hot.  Then, around 2, clouds came in.  And thunder.  But, it’s Atlanta, it does that every day.  No worries.  There will still be fireworks.  Nope.  It stormed for the rest of the day, complete with wind and a bad attitude frowny face from me.

I was able to get some great pictures before the storm clouds rolled in.

Publix cupcakes, yo!  Srsly, Publix cupcakes are the best cupcakes on earth.  The icing is amazing and the cake is so moist (yes, I’m cringing that I just used that word, too).

Chico was doing his usual staring at me and not telling me what he wanted routine.  He looked adorable, so I had to snap a pic.

My mom and dad are amazing garenders and they love to work in the yard.  My mom’s flowers are absolutely gorgeous and I just had to share.  Notice, most of the flowers are red, white and blue.

Aren’t they just to die for?  It’s so lovely to sit on the back porch and read.

I love this little UGA’s face (the bulldog).  He’s is so cute and pouty and all of us dog owners have seen this face on our own pooch.  There are two of them, another one is on the driveway.  I used to think they were moving him around (it’s a long story, but this isn’t a ridiculous thought) and then I realized that was silly for them to move him so often (by “them” I mean “my dad”).  He’s fun to photograph (the statue, not my dad.  My dad is a pain to take pictures of).

These are my mom’s rose bushes.  They are so beautiful.  As a kid, I hated picking the black spot off of them.  They’re pokey!  But, after years of tender love and care, they have grown into beautiful, big flowers.  I’m so proud of my mom for persisting!  And, the arbor is something she envisioned for the gate and had made.  Isn’t it pretty?

What’d you do for the 4th?

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Have a great Tuesday!

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