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I’ve made some new friends recently who are pretty conservative (not politically just in general. Maybe they are politically,too, I really have no idea. We don’t sit around and talk about those things, it’s one of the things you’re not supposed to talk about. Politics and religion, but we do discuss religion because I know them from church [yes, I’ve been going to church, it’s weird for me, too] so we don’t want to add to the weirdness by adding politics in there, although I’m pretty sure they’re Republicans. Who knows.)

So, when I accidentally throw an eff bomb into a conversation, it isn’t generally well received. I try to hold it in, they’re just fighting to get out, those eff bombs! And it’s really unnecessary for me to use that word anyway, but back to what I was saying.

We’ll all be at lunch or something and someone will say something completely innocent and then I’ll add to the conversation. And, I can hear it coming out of my mouth but I can’t take it back. I am the queen of saying innuendos, often sexual, mistakenly. I don’t even mean them that way, I mean the real meaning of the words, no innuendos, but once I realize what I’m saying I turn red and they all realize what I said and then it’s on.


It’s like every lunch I have with them. They probably think I have a horribly dirty mind. And I make it worse by immediately saying, omg I can’t believe I just said that and everyone has already heard it and then this other dude will add to it and it’s really funny and he takes it there but he whispers it so I’m the only one who hears and people think I’m the crazy one. Poo.



I don’t know about you, but I’m totally addicted to my phone. I’m constantly checking Twitter and Facebook and commenting away on every single little thing that’s going on. Like this:

Who cares that I’m ordering school books, I’ll tell you. Me. And that’s it. Because they’re expensive.

So, I decided to unplug for TWO WHOLE DAYS. No phone (because texting is out of control and it’s making my life unmanageable. FAY), no Facebook and no Twitter. I had to use my computer to complete school assignments so I couldn’t completely unplug everything. But, while on the computer, I disabled my messenger so I couldn’t get distracted by it.

I gave the people I talk to regularly the phone number for the land line and encouraged them to contact me by calling if they needed anything. Shockingly, my one friend who texts me about 100 times a day (seriously, I’m not exaggerating) didn’t call at all. I guess those messages just aren’t that important.

The weird thing is that I kept thinking of random things I needed to tweet, like “These crackers taste weird” “Chico is being bossy” “It’s freezing in here.” Stupid.

Something amazing happened. I realized I can live without my phone! OMG. I didn’t know I could. No texting, facebook, twitter, whatever and I survived. (And I didn’t get in a horrible car accident where I wasn’t able to call 911. It’s a fear of mine.) I lived even though I couldn’t constantly connect with everyone I know.

But, as soon as I turned the phone back on I was stuck to it again immediately. Checking texts, Facebook and Twitter for the last two days. I think I stared at the screen for 2 whole hours and I was with friends. I missed the point here somehow.

We don’t have any plans yet. But, just so people can see how cool and amazing we are, we made this video to trick people into inviting us to something. Because, if not we’ll be hanging out with my parents who go to bed at 9pm and will be slowly killing myself  buttering stuff with a butter knife. So.


Before I moved back in with my parents, I didn’t have cable. And before not having cable, I watched TV all the time, but I watched The Office, Parks and Recreation, Burn Notice, PsychYou know, quality shows. I never would’ve been caught dead watching “that reality crap.” I was proud to be in the  dark about the Kardashians (which I still put my foot down about), I didn’t know what a Snookie was, when someone referred to anything on the Bravo TV Network, I sneered.

Not only was moving out of the city and into the ‘burbs hard because it’s the burbs (I’m pretty sure I’d previously said something about never being caught dead out there) and I didn’t know anyone and I was moving in with MY PARENTS (gasp, moan!). They have tv and my mom watches Bravo day and night. DAY AND NIGHT PEOPLE. Going from no cable to Bravo 24/7 was super overwhelming.

Not wanting to sit in my room by myself all the time, I ended up sitting through some Bravo. For the first few months, I rolled my eyes, I acted like a 15 year old (I’m not proud) and changed the channel when my mom was in the bathroom, ahem, and I told her she was making us both dumber the longer we watched.

Then I discovered Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The only purpose of this show is to discuss the housewives shows and drink on air. Literally.  That’s all it does. And it’s glorious. I can’t get enough. I started watching the Housewife shows so I’d know what was going on on this show. And now I’m sucked into those, too!!

I stayed up last night when I had to get up at 5:30am just to watch the season finale live (it’s a very interactive show) and because it’s the last show of the season. It was called the Gleeson Finalglee because Lea Michelle and the other dude from Glee were on there. It. Was. Awesome.

And, the best thing is that it’s going to be back on air January 8th 5 DAYS A WEEK. That doesn’t really have to do with the Gleeson Finalglee, but…

Andy Cohen has a turtle and she tweeted me this picture one time. It was awesome.

Also, my dream job when I graduate is to work on this show. They have a graphics department that photoshops stuff all over other random stuff. ‘Love’

This is the first official day of my break. From school. Yesterday was my first day of break from classes, but I had to work at the school, so.

I don’t know what to do with myself today. I have a list of things I need to get done (wrap all gifts, clean my room [it’s horrible in there, I think I’m going to move to the couch and pretend it’s not happening], make pasta salad, find some kind of birthday present for a friend, read a million books on type, catch up on google reader, blah, blah, blah) but I woke up with cold/flu/death yesterday. Being sick only aids my laziness, now I have a good reason to lay on the couch all day. If cleaning my room wasn’t on my list of things to get done, I might be a little more motivated to get things done, but that just eclipses everything. Even graduate school deadlines don’t encourage me to clean. I wish I were a clean freak.

I moved all of the gifts that need wrapping to the living room and have placed them strategically around the couch and I took some tylenol. I’m hoping having to step over them to leave the couch will encourage me to wrap them and put them under the tree. We’ll see how this works out. I’ll keep you updated (maybe).

Are you watching American Horror Story? If you are and you’re confused or if you are and you don’t think you’re confused but you are, I found some great articles that made me realize everyone is confused.

Have a great Friday!

I love this quote!

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quote via Rumi


Ya’ll, I love TV.  I have it on all the time.  Seriously, all the time.  I like the house filled with voices and I have such a short attention span that I need to have more than one thing to pay attention to at a time.  And since I knit all the time and more recently, working on school projects non stop, having the TV on makes both activities less boring.  Like, it’s hard for me to watch foreign films (even though I love them) because I can’t knit and read.  I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work.

Since I moved and because I’m now a full time student living on a loan, I decided cable is probably an expense I can do without (Comcast, you’re the devil).  The first week was fine.  The second week a little hard.  The third and fourth weeks, even harder and then something amazing happened–I got over it.  I don’t really miss cable or even think about it that much.  I still have TV, but limited channels and those work fine for me, mostly because I can watch the Today Show and Dr. Phil (gotta get my Phil at 5).  I must admit that I have Netflix streaming into the television through my Wii, so even though there isn’t any cable, there is still movie watching.  But, I have my TV in my room (I’ve had a TV in my room since I turned 12) and it isn’t plugged in and I’m not sure I want it plugged in.  It’s just sitting there on my dresser taking up a lot of space.

Alas, I’m visiting family (Roomio is holding down the fort) and they have cable.  And Sunday morning Law & Order is on.  I really miss vintage Sunday morning L&O.  I forgot how much I love watching it for hours and hours and knitting and reading blogs.  I think I just need a L&O channel on the free channels and then my life will be complete.

A few years ago, all of my favorite CDs were stolen out of my car while I slept (my window was also broken).  So, I’ve been listening to the radio pretty much since then.  I don’t have a cord to connect my iPod to my stereo, either.  I used to be one of those people who never listened to the radio and had no idea what was going on as far as pop culture and music.  But, having your car broken into several times will change that.

Lately, I’m really, really over the radio.  So, I’ve been going  through my old CDs.  Not all of them, just the mixes.  I have no idea what’s on them because they all have names like, Poop on a Stick, Windsor’s Wonderful Mix or Random Mix (there are about 5 of these).  I also have no idea when these CDs were made.  My handwriting looks the same and there’s no information, other than the name.  It’s been awesome.

I can tell the approximate year each mix was created because of the songs.  Like, there are several with lots of Beatles songs and I know I made those around my senior year in high school.  My Beatles phase.  Shockingly, I never really heard the Beatles until then.  We listened to mostly Christian and some classic rock (strangely, this didn’t include the Beatles) in my childhood home.  I didn’t hear most music until my senior year in high school and the first couple years of college.

Then there are several mixes with the song Golden Brown by the Stranglers.  I know these were made sometime between 11th grade and my freshman year in college.  To this day, it’s still my favorite song.  It’s the song in Snatch where the gypsies are discussing whether or not to kill Tommy.  It sounds like pirate music.  I got to a point in my mix making where I had to consciously not put it on CDs.

Then there are songs by The Cars and I know that was when I was 19 because I worked at a restaurant where one of my coworkers and I wore ribbons in our hair just to be silly because of the song.  And there’s some Emo  music and I know that was 10th grade.  And The Postal Service is winter of 2003, I remember listening to one song and loving it while driving out of a friend’s parking garage.

It’s amazing how music takes me back.  I’m also impressed with my memory.  Every song takes me right back to the time I listened to it and what was going on.  A weird walk down memory lane.

Today, I moved.  For the first time in four years.  And I had to leave behind my two beloved cats, one of whom I’ve previously referred to as my soul mate.  I’ve raised those two since they were wee babies.  But, my, now former, neighbor is going to take them.  She already bought them a 3 story cat condo and a heated bed for the porch.  So they won’t get cold.  This shit plugs into the wall.  They’re definitely in good hands.  Even so, it’s still sad.  And it’s the end of an era in my life.  Which is scary and sad and stressful, but exciting all al the same time.  I’m typing this is my new room while lying on my unmade bed, right on top of the mattress.  I’m too exhausted to go through all of my shit to find my sheets that probably need to be washed anyway.  Chico is doing nervous little circles around the bed.  I have an ass ton a lot of homework I should be doing, but I’m too tired.


The amazing thing was, my family and friends really showed up for me today.  I called my brother in a panic and on the verge of tears earlier this week and asked him to come help me pack stuff (since I had exactly three weeks notice) because I was so overwhelmed with the thought of leaving my house and my street and my neighborhood and my kitties that I was barely able to wrap my mind around the thought of packing, but I had to.  He graciously agreed and drove through rush hour traffic on a Friday to work for 7 hours straight and help me get everything ready to move.


Then my parents and friend came out to help.  And they did so with smiles on their faces and did what I needed done, and it was amazing.  I can hardly believe all of the wonderful people I have in my life.  My friends coming to sacrifice their Saturdays to selflessly help me and my parents coming to help me because I needed it.  It was hard work, let me tell you.  And my mom did her best not to give me a hard time about the dust.  This all lit my heart on fire with love and thankfulness and joy (not joy for moving, mind you…you know what I mean).  It was unbelievable for a person like me.  Who has spent my whole life pushing people away and isolating and feeling like an island.  But, in the past 6 months, I’ve made an effort.  With my family, my friends, but mostly with myself and the pieces have fallen into place.  It blows me away Every. Single. Day.


This is the beginning for me.  I had to let go of all those other things first.  The ego.  Then the boyfriend.  Then the job.  Then security.  Then the house and things.  Goodness, I have soooooo many things!  Now I can embrace the future, school, new friends, new experiences, a new me :)


Stay tuned for the introduction of my new roommate, Roomio.


It’s the eve of Christmas Eve.  The couple of days before Christmas are weird.  Like, we’re family, we’re hanging out, no one’s working, but what are we supposed to do with each other?  The Christmas traditions haven’t started yet.  We’re together, but we’re not sure how to entertain one another.  We’re not used to being together and we all have our own way of doing things now.  Because my brother and I are no longer children–we’re adults and it’s super strange.

A lot of our time is spent in separate rooms watching different things on four different TVs.  Technology has really put a damper on togetherness.  (There is a little bit of, “We’re going to watch The Grinch/Rudolph/Frosty as a family and you’re going to enjoy it whether you like it or not!)

Instead of sitting around and staring at each other, my dad, brother and I went to dinner last night.  At Outback, where there are approximately 2 things I can eat.  Our waiter got into a stand up routine about his cold.  And his cough.  And his congestion.  We ate and discussed the movies we want to see on Christmas Eve, a long standing tradition.  When we arrived back at my parents’ house, my mom had some friends over, one of whom has a new baby.  I wasn’t allowed to hold her because I’m sick.  Boo.  I even offered to wash my hands.  Holding a smiling baby would’ve been the highlight of my evening.

So here we are, with the whole day before Christmas Eve stretched before us.  I brought entirely too much yarn.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  We have no big plans for the day, just “together” time.  I will be knitting and crocheting and sleeping and complaining about being sick.  I’m planning on going back to the city to get my camera (I can’t believe I forgot it!).

What do you and your family do together in the days before Christmas?

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