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Recently, I was thinking about my love of proclamations. They’re pretty much ultimatums I make for my life and then never follow through. Well, sometimes I follow through, I guess that’s another proclamation. The never. Does anyone else have a problem with this? It often seems like most people have it all together and just know what to do and have no problem being adults. So, I’m like, I need to get it together. Let’s make a change, self. Then I tell myself things like,

I’m never talking to her again

I’m never talking to him again

I’m never smoking again

No more texting

No more facebook

I’m going to call one of them every day

I’m going to work out every day

I’m never eating sugar again

Those people are crazy

I’m crazy

I’m not dating anyone for 6 months

I’m going to do (fill in random, intense life change here) every day/week/month/second

I’m going to do this better

I’m going to do this perfect

Then after I make said proclamation, the next week/month/day (more often than not, it’s the next day…sigh) I’m doing it again. But not just doing it, I’m doing it full force. I’m all like, well, eff it. If I can’t do said ridiculous thing perfectly, then I might as well do the opposite super intensely. Like, I’m going to smoke 3 PACKS OF CIGARETTES TODAY since I smoked one (I have actually quit smoking for a little over 2 months, yay me), I’m going to call the shit out of this person, I’m going to eat 4 pounds of sugar, I’m going to drink EIGHT cups of coffee!!

So, after I break the whatever, I’m super disappointed in myself and I feel like a failure and a loser and crazy and like I’m never going to do anything right and blah blah blah. It’s kind of no wonder I continue to attract crazy people. Goodness me.

Maybe I will try to say things like, I’m going to try to do this better, once a week, cut down, quit, whatever. And then if I fail I can try again. Because life is more about trying and doing my best. Not doing it perfect. No one can live up to that.

Can you relate?


A friend of mine, Melody, needed a little help deciphering a crochet pattern (she’s a newbie to the wonderful world of fiber arts). So, I made this.

So, I finally have my shit together and got things posted up.  Like last summer, I’m selling jewelry I made, but instead of under Knit in Public (confusing to have jewelry under knitting).  I now have a lot of things up under Lovely Bug, but there’s more coming.  Vintage and original jewelry by me.  Yay!

I even handmade a stamp to stamp the tags with the orders.  School isn’t keeping me busy enough!

Have you seen this?

A Chico sized giraffe!  Cutest.  Thing.  Ever.

A friend and I were discussing what we want as Chico sized animals.  I said an elephant named Ellie (short for Eleanor the Elephant).  And she and Chico will be BFFs and play and play and have such a good time!  My brother pointed out that Ellie might spray water everywhere and I assured him she will only be allowed water in the kitchen with the gate up.  Problem solved.

My friend wants a Chico sized hippo.  I told him hippos are mean and like to bite and he said he will train his to be sweet.  We’ll see.

Also discussed, elephant sized Koala bear.  The only conclusion to this is terrifying.


Until Thanksgiving, Knit in Public Shop is having an Autumn BoGo (Buy One Get One 50% Off) sale!!  Up to Thanksgiving at midnight, when you buy one Knit in Public item, you get a second one of lessor or equal value for 50% off!

I have been really inspired by fall and the seasons changing.  Now that the flowers are going, I suddenly want to draw them.  And, random geometric designs.  I have been making more leaf items that haven’t been updated yet, but they are new and I’m really excited about them!  I hope you will be too.  Words.  I have been inspired by words too.  Let me know if you have any words you think will make a cool necklace :)

I have been crafting it up and am excited to offer this sale to you, my lovely readers, and everyone who visits my shop.  I have a lot of new things to add over the next few days and new jewelry I have added in the past couple of days.  The shop is packed with a lot of really cute stud earrings, necklaces and rings!  Here’s a preview of the booty:

Please pop over there and see if there’s something for you :)

Yesterday on facebook, I proclaimed I hate shark week.  And this is what ensued:

Please add to the conversation.  I don’t understand why people are so into shark week…I mean, every year? Come on!

And the conversation is continued…
So much anger

I brought Chico to the lake this weekend and he ran full speed off of a retaining wall and then slid down a very steep hill.  I have provided an illustration below.

He flew, then hit the ground, then rolled several feet then slide.  I seriously thought he was probably dead.  Or, at least had some broken bones.  Nope.  He’s, like, made of rubber or something.  He does, however, have a huge knot on his forehead and a bloody lip, but he is unphased.

A few minutes later, he was floating on my stomach.  I think he might have still been in shock.

Yeah, the other guy has a baby and I have my pup.  He (Chico) got plenty of attention from all of the ladies and he hammed it up for them.  I won’t be taking him back to the lake any time soon.

And, if you haven’t entered yet, make sure you get a chance to win a Snorg tee!

My first week as a blond has gone pretty well.  I’ve stopped freaking out every time I look in the mirror (short hair plus different color is quite a shock).  Most of my friends have seen it so they’ve stopped walking past me when I’m meeting up with them.  Which was kind of cool.  I was around people I knew, but kind of invisible because they didn’t know who I was.

Shockingly, the employees in my neighborhood gas station had no problem recognizing me.  Every time I go in there it’s, “Windsor, where have you been!  We thought you ran away…blah blah blah…”  Those dudes love me.

I have had several people say, “I’m shocked you can pull off hair that short.”  Thank you?  I’m not sure if this is a compliment or not.  It’s kind of an insult, but still nice?  Like, they didn’t think my face is strong enough to pull off the hair.  Which makes me wonder if they’ve sat around thinking about me with short hair and knowing it would look bad.  Because that comment alludes to premeditation.  (I’ve been watching a lot of Law & Order)  And it’s been more than one person.  One, fine; multiple, weird.

After the initial shock, I’m very pleased.  Except this past weekend with the helmet hair after riding the scooter in 90 degrees for an hour.  My hair just can’t recover from that.

My little Chico has allergies.  Last week, here in Atlanta, the pollen count was off the charts and poor little Chico started wheezing and hacking and just being generally pathetic and mucusy.

I didn’t know dogs could have allergies like people, this is news to me.  And, I have never had a dog before–everything he does is pretty new.

I’ve been giving him children’s Benadryl and snuggling him.  The medicine has been making him high instead of tired.  You would think medication that takes a normal sized dog down would make a Chihuahua go to sleep.  Not Chico.  He was running around and going into people’s offices and staring at them.  Coworkers were calling it the “WTF face.”  His staring was freaking some people out and he was quarantined to his bed area until he could stop with the craziness.

Chico and puppy being pathetic

I haven’t been wanting him to go outside other than to go to the bathroom.  The weather has

been beautiful and Chico has been a little asshole.  He goes into the most obscure bush in my yard and gets in it and glares at me.  Some spankings were issued over the weekend.  You would think he would learn after he comes in from being out there hacking and not being able to breathe for 5 minutes.

Last night he was lying under a blanket in my bed and I went in there to check on him.  5 feet away, he is breathing normal and sounds great.  2 feet away, still breathing normal, I’m feeling good that he is doing better.  6 inches away, Chico starts hamming it up and breathing out of his nose instead of his mouth and shuddering.  He sounded horrible and I couldn’t help but laugh.  I backed up to 2 feet again and he started breathing through him mouth.  Ass!  He’s trying to make me feel sorry for him.  The nerve.

I left his little butt at home today so he can get to feeling better and maybe the back and forth to work is making his allergies worse.  Who knows.  And he won’t be putting on such a show for me.  That has got to be tiring.

Do your pets do anything like that?

As I have previously stated, quitting smoking is pretty much the hardest, shittiest thing ever.  Ever.  I’ve spent too much time recently wishing I could go back in time to tell my 15 year-old-self that there is absolutely nothing cool or glamorous about smoking.  Nothing.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that.  I’m at a point right now where I can’t imagine my life continuing to smoke and I can’t imagine life without smoking.  Cigarettes are truly making my life unmanageable and I can’t do this to myself anymore.  I’ve tried to will power through quitting, but there will be a weak moment when I will smoke one.  I feel like I just can’t win at this point.  Everyone who has ever quit smoking is my personal hero.

After a friend recommended it, I bought this book.  The Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr.  I have heard that this is the book that has helped many of my friend’s friends quit.  So, today, I started reading.  And it sounds good.  Carr encourages me to continue smoking while I am reading the book and guarantees if I follow the directions, I too will find smoking freedom.

I’m depending on you, Carr.  Please don’t let me down.  (At this point, I’m really excited for what the book says it has to offer)

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