Have ya’ll seen America Horror Story?  This show is seriously creepy and disturbed.  I can’t tell if I like it or not.  I love everything horror and creepy and even things that get inside my head and twist reality around.  Can’t get enough of stuff like that.  But, for some reason, this show really bothers me.  After watching it last night, I was freaked out to walk through the house.  And then a little freaked out to get in the bed.  It’s really weird.  And the show isn’t even that scary.  It has strange evil undertones.  It kind of reminds me of this book House of Leaves.

And the opening sequence?  O.M.G.  I hate it.  Can’t even watch it.  There’s a scratching noise that is sooooooo creepy.  Here is the opening:

Have you seen it?  What do you think?