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I have to stop with the late night caffeine.  Seriously.  This is the second night this week I’ve sat awake at sleepy time.  And, I’m a little annoyed because I should be doing homework if I’m not sleeping, but I’ve just been looking around the internets.  ‘le sigh’

I’ve been feeling a little weird lately.  Probably because I just started school after being out for a couple of years and it’s new and everyone there is new and I don’t know where I fit and I had to move and I haven’t had time for my friends or anything really.  Though, I have managed to squeeze in a few naps.

Since moving to the new neighborhood, I haven’t been running.  I knew my other neighborhood so well and I’m unfamiliar with the people here (the street people, I don’t know if they’re dangerous or not) and I’m unfamiliar with the streets.  And I’m lazy.  I have been working really really hard at school, but as far as exercising goes, I’m lazy.  It was fine when all I had to do was knit and watch tv, but now that there’s a schedule, I don’t want to do it.  Kind of like how I never want to clean and organize until I have something due.  Then I’m all over it, like, “I can’t be creative in this cluttered environment, I need to reorganize everything RIGHT NOW, then I can get my work done.

Roomio and I did hang shelves the other day and organize, I took pictures.  But, my camera card is about 10 feet away and I’m too lazy to get off the bed and get it.  Maybe tomorrow…


OMG.  I don’t understand how I can have a broken ovary that is making my life miserable for over a week and the doctor won’t see me until Thursday.  When I get there, I’m going to make sure I throw up all over the place in the lobby to make sure they appreciate how long I’ve had to wait for them to see me while it’s gotten worse and worse.  Asses.

Anyway, here is something awesome I made for Roomio:

I think I’m going to start communicating by writing things on speech bubbles and taping them to the walls.  Everywhere.  School, home, parents’ home (although there won’t be any 4 letter words), bar, you get it.  But especially at school and home.

And then here is something one of my teachers was making while we were presenting.  Seriously.

In case you can’t tell what that is, it’s an embroidered orange peel.  Yeah.

P.S.–I watched American Psycho last night (again), then this weird movie about a parking lot, but anyway, American Psycho.  I LOVE that movie.  While watching it, I was a little disturbed by how much I love it.  But the whole, “Evelyn, I work because I want to fit in!”  Great.

Do you sometimes come into contact with several interesting people or situations in close proximation to one another and you feel like it couldn’t possibly be real?  Like, someone got together with all of them and was like, let’s play a joke?

So, remember when I told you about The Shoplifter?  That whole thing was surreal.  Not to mention he turned into a complete psycho in class over the next few weeks, which was more the part that was surreal.  And the snow added.  It was like this art school bubble of a trauma bond.  But seriously.  Complete.  Psycho.

Then, I was forced to move against my will, which, if you read here often, I’ve complained about ad nauseum.  Then there was the poster that was trying to suck out all of my strength and sanity.

Then, I recently hung out with a dude from school who is over 30 and a virgin.  And possibly a sociopath.  That’s right.  A virgin sociopath.  Self admitted.  Roomio said that if he was a virgin at that age, he’s be angry too.  I think they might be linked.  The more sociopathy the less ladies.  JS, guys, JS.

Not to mention, my ovary is broken and it’s trying to kill me slowly through nausea and achiness.

And, this morning, Chico got a bath.  That’s not really weird, but he’s all nice and shiny and cute and smells nice now.  He looked sooooo pathetic, ya’ll.

Have a great Monday!

…and I still might be sucked into it.

One of my friends called me last week to tell me to “get out of my f-ing school coma, I haven’t seen you in forever, I miss your face.”  Aw.  I still didn’t see her until tonight.  And I had to move against my will.  And I haven’t gotten to see Chico a whole lot (don’t worry, my new roomio is making sure he’s not neglected).  I miss his adorable face and his annoying little sighs.

He is so happy to see me when I get home, it’s awesome.  That little face is the cutest thing ever, no?

Last week, I spent almost every waking hour I wasn’t in class on this little gem:

Oh, you can’t tell what it is?  Me either. It’s a restaurant mural (wtf) based on Hera and Constructivism (the art movement, not the other one).  Yeah.  Can you tell it’s all individually cut out of gray paper?  Oh, how will this help me at a future job? you ask.  I’d like to know that, too.

I did, however, manage to play a lot of We Doodle on my short breaks

Best. App. Ever.

Oh yeah, unpacking.  Sucks.  I have a lot of stuff.  Seriously, how did I get all of this stuff?


Getting used to a new place is hard.  So is getting used to a new roommate and a new dog.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the new place and the new roommate and the new dog.  It’s just different.  You know how nice it is to come home after a really long day and in your bed in your room?  It’s like a haven.  I don’t have that here yet.  And the new street is a busy one.  I’m not used to cars zooming by my window at all hours of the night.  Or the noises of the other tenants in an apartment building.  I haven’t lived in an apartment is years.  I miss Caspian and Aravis and my porch and my chair and my neighbors, some more than others.  I’ve been soooo busy with school work I haven’t really had time to unpack.  So my crap is EVERYWHERE.  Seriously.  Roomio is all like, hey, I know you’re really busy, but can I get a time frame on your unpacking?

I know it will get better.  Just needed to get it out.

Thanks :)

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