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Killing ants is fun and empowering.  And, they are complete assholes and I don’t feel bad about killing them.  All they do is bite and build huge ant cities in yards and try to kill anything disturbing them with their little fangs.

I wonder if they have feelings.  They do that whole sad body drag.  Watching it is a real bummer.  But, are their bodies big enough to contain feelings in there?  They don’t even have a nervous system, right? (I could totally google this, but I’m too lazy and I like speculating.)  Why do they drag each other’s bodies?  It’s probably totally selfish on their part, because ants suck so much.  I bet they take the body back to the mound and the queen eats it and it’s all just sympathy to trick us humans into not killing them.  That’s totally it.

When I was a kid, I used to wear one roller blade and one shoe and roll up and down the drive way and squash ants.  For fun.  We had those bigger black ones.  Then, I started to wonder if ants cry over their family members deaths and I started and illustrated story about a child ant whose family was killed by me, but it didn’t get very far.  Like, not even past the first page.  Even then, I had no compassion for ants.


I made stuff!  And, I want to share.  The top one is my personal favorite so far.  Yay me!

{get it here}

{get it here}

And this one is just super fun

{get it here}

{get it here}

Thanks for reading and have a great Thursday!  And, it’s still not to late to pop over to my earlier post and share your qualities the The Most Interesting Lady In The World

Chico wants you all to know he says, “Hai!”

I sold a necklace.  And it wasn’t to someone I know or someone who reads this blog.  I’m pretty sure it sold to a random person who doesn’t have any affiliations with me.  And, I’m so pumped!  Yay!  I love this piece and am glad it’s going to a good home.  Hopefully, all of my hard work (and money spending) is starting to pay off.

I’m hoping to have some more designs like this up soon.  I’m realizing that I need to make templates on paper and keep using them instead of doing something once.  ‘sigh’  It’s a learning process.

I hope you guys are having a great Monday!  Here are some new items to pique your interest (you can get the all here):

A lot of things have changed for me lately.  Mostly of my own making.  I dyed my hair blonde, chopped my hair off, had a relationship end and started a half sleeve tattoo.

And, now that I just got my hair trimmed and recut (hair grows, it’s strange) people are feeling free to tell me how they really felt about it before.  Like, “I like the new color (which is pretty much the same as this color) you weren’t really pulling it off before.” “I didn’t really like your hair, but now that it frames your face, it’s a lot better.”  “It was too yellow.”  Seriously?!  Keep it to yourself, people.  If you don’t have something nice to say, just hold it in.

I didn’t think all of these things would have this effect, but I feel kind of lost.  Like, I’m not sure who I am…not in the way where I don’t know myself or anything like that.  Just confused.  I feel like I look like a boy half the time.  Most things actually are the same, same job, house, friends and stuff.  Most of the little things that I have used to define myself are different.  Hair length, color.  Little things.  I didn’t think they would make such a big difference.

And, a lot of the lost feeling is probably from the relationship.  I am, however, getting used to the tattoo.  It takes a while, like, “Holy shit!  This is on my arm permanently!”

Oh, and guess what?  My air conditioner broke…again. Now I have to call Malibu Ken and deal with him.  I’m sure he’ll be delightful and ask me a bunch of questions insulting my intelligence, like, “Are you sure it’s on?”


I am one of those weird people who hate summer.  Sure, when I was a kid it was pretty cool.  No school and I could go to the pool all day.  There were camps to go to and lots of outdoorsy things  to participate in.  Then, I went to college.  And  I got a job and now it’s just hot.  There is no more fun or whole days at the pool.  Well, on the weekends there are.

I do enjoy summer activities, like going to the beach and stuff.  Problem is, I don’t live at the beach.  If I did, I would probably hate my life because as an adult I have to go to work and the beach is right there and I have to wait until Saturday to go there and where the hell do I go on vacation now?  It’s like a sauna in Atlanta.  Being hot is one of my least favorite things ever.  True story.

On Monday, I decided to have some me time and channel fall.  There was just enough breeze that I was able to pretend.  Like, October fall.  Not September, that is just an extension of August.  It was lovely.  Until a mosquito bit me and I saw a flea.

Now we are in a heat wave.  And it’s humid as it can be.  And I feel like whining about it, you’re welcome.

UPDATE:  When I was out for my lunch break, I was people just wilting in the heat.  People are literally melting.  True story.

OMG, ya’ll.  I was looking out for the alien spiders from last week, and they seem to have vacated the shower area.  And I was, like, Phew, they’re not watching me anymore.  Then I walked into my bedroom and turned the tv on.  Ya’ll, there were 3 of them in the corner over my bed.  THREE!! They’ve multiplied.  I just know they’re waiting for me to go to sleep so they can come down and lay eggs in my brain or something.  I tried to get Raging Liberal to come kill them, but Roomie made me leave him alone because he’s studying for the bar.  I think alien spiders trying to probe me in my sleep is more important, but, whatever Roomie.  I drew a picture of their spaceship for you:

If you don’t hear from me, call the FBI.

P.S.–I just had the house and the yard sprayed for bugs so I don’t know what is up with these GDLLs being everywhere.

Hi there.  You guys can win this ring

by going hereAnd, if I didn’t mention before, my whole store is at least 20% off until July 25th for Christmas in July.  Chico needs to eat.  I should’ve made a graphic, but I was out late last night.  And, the Grand Daddy Long Legs have multiplied.  They’re watching my over my bed now, ya’ll.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here. )

But, yeah.  You can totally win that ring.

I read a lot of blogs.  Like, sometimes, I get stressed out about how full my reader is.  In all of this reading, I see a lot of themes, Tattoo Tuesday, Wishlist Wednesday, ect.  And, Friday Finds.  I have made a list of finds for you.  And they’re not all from Etsy, yay me for trying to find stuff.  Without further ado, stuff I love (today). (Click the skull for the link)

Please give me money so I can buy all of these things.  Hearts!

P.S.– My shop is having a Christmas in July Sale and everything is between 20-70% off!  Everything.  Please stop by :)

It seems people in my life have a problem differentiating between a scooter and a moped.  Here is the solution.  Pictures!!




a motorized bicycle that has pedals in addition to a low-powered gasoline engine designed for low-speed operation.


While a



A usually two-wheeled vehicle with small wheels and a low-powered gasoline engine geared to the rear wheel.


I hope this has been an informative lesson for all.  Hearts.

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