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It’s that time of the week again, Friday!!!!  Which, doesn’t feel like it for me because I have to work tomorrow, but I can still participate a little in the celebration (as long as I get to bed at a reasonable time).  Here is the best stuff this week:

I love this picture!  I’m partial to glitter and glitter eye liner.


Have you seen The Burning House? It’s amazing. Pictures of what people would take in the case of a fire. I love that Clara chose gum.  Something I would probably do.


Photoshoot beautifully styled by my Atlanta friend and fellow blogger, Lar.  She’s so talented!


This club is amazing!!!


This entire post by Katie is awesome.  Click the source link below to read it.


All of the pictures featured are beautiful!  And, it is a great article on staying beautiful and refreshed while traveling.


Have a great weekend!


My friend from Twitter, mindyg, sent this to me and I just had to share.  It needs it’s own post, not a BSTW (not that I don’t love that, this is just too perfect).  Remember this?  I love how the comic displays just what I said. :)


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been following the Amanda Knox trial since the beginning.  And she may get out of jail soon.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go here, then come back.

This trial has meant a lot to me over the last 4 years.  Because, honestly, this could’ve been me or any of my friends if we studied abroad and a roommate was murdered–shit happens.  It just happened to be Amanda.  And the way she’s handled this atrocity has been amazing.  She had a smile on her face (not in a creepy way) through friends’ testimonies, encouraging them.  She’s been reassuring her family she’s okay.  She kept it together through a guilty verdict even though the Italian police have no real evidence against her.  Their main damning point is that there was a hair of hers in her roommate’s room.  They were roommates!  I’m sure I had tons of hairs in Roomie’s room when we lived together.  I was always in there talking to her and jumping around while she was reading.

I’ve watched in anticipation as Amanda was thrown under the bus by the Italian government, I grimaced through her trial and couldn’t believe it when she was sentenced.  Seriously, ridiculous.  I’m ecstatic that her case is being reopened and re-examined.  It really looks like she’ll get out.  While I don’t know her at all, I feel like she’s a friend.  She’s an inspiration.  If you feel the same way, you can write to her in jail by sending letters or postcards here:

Amanda Knox
casa circondariale “Capanne” di Perugia
Strada pievaiola
06100 Perugia-Italia

Remember the Italian police will probably read all of her mail, so keep it clean and encouraging.  And, if you have an interest in supporting her, visit here,

A few weeks ago, one of my friends expressed the need for exacto knife blades.  He was broke.  I had a few extra, so I wrapped them up for him.  In me fashion, I had to wrap them in style.

I’m not sure what the person in this picture is doing, but it looks like a dildo and a transvestite might be involved.

Placing the teeny box in the right place to get the picture to spread across all four sides of the wrapping was a tad challenging.  Nothing I couldn’t handle.

The more inappropriate parts of the picture to show up the better.

Always use lots of tape.  The more the better.  And colorful tape is way more awesome looking that this boring stuff.

The perfect top.

The end.

The week has once again come to a close.  I feel like I was able to have a nicer attitude this week.  Not to mention I’m sucked into the infatuation vortex, so that always helps.  (It’s really like a vortex swirl and being high all in one, intense).  So, without further ado, here are some of the lovely things floating around the internet…

These rings are awesome!!

This post and the spread are awesome!



Can you believe these are soap?!  I really want to eat one.

The lovlies over at My Potholes are so creative!  This one is my fav

Hope you enjoyed in and have a wonderful day!


Life is insane (!!) when school is in session.  My friend Alexis agreed to guest post in light of my hectic schedule.  She’s awesome and I hope you enjoy what she has to say!  Thanks, Alexis!

When my Lady of Public Knitting here asked me to do a guest post for her, I was thrilled.  I’d never really been asked to do one before, so I felt overwhelmingly honoured for not only having one of my favorite Bloggers/Tweeters ask me but to even be asked at all.  She then told me I could write about whatever I wanted, especially if it fell in the realm of what happens at the end of the universe or knitting & crafts.  So then I’m all like, “Sweet! Guest-posting for someone rad & it’s about whatever I want.”

Then I had some trouble finding the time to sit down & write & sort of freaked out a little.  I mean, trying to learn how to balance a job, significant other, attention-whore Corgi, & your own start-up business is tough, y’all.

But never fear!  I have a cold beer next to me (read: drinking frosted gluten-y treat that I’m not really supposed to have because of the gluten thing) & I am here to deliver the best guest post you have ever read (that I have written).

As I mentioned in the above paragraph where I was freaking out about getting this to my friend on time, I’m trying to learn how to be a professional crafter/artist/person who sells their own creative junk & blogs about things.  I have tried to do this once before & didn’t really do the best “planning” or “research” or “whatever you want to call starting a business properly,” so it was a bit of a flop.  This time around I sat down & did some of those things & set a launch date.

A launch date which I am pushing back now because I ran into some crazy issues & other stuff you don’t want to hear about.  But the point being, I’d rather take some more time & do it right the second go-round instead of rushing to get it done & having it way more less than perfect than I am willing to live with.

Wow, I sure know how to ramble.

What I really wanted to talk about was sustainability, upcycling, & being kind to Ms. Nature (or is she a Mrs.? We’ll probably never know) within the world of crafting & creating.

Being someone that cares about the environment & an artist don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  It also doesn’t mean that you have to weave your own hemp fibers to use for garments or make paint from berries.  All it means is taking some time to look at things a little differently, often times not seeing them for what they are but what they could be.  The easiest way to do that is to obtain your materials from things that normal people (gah, “normal people,” who wants to be one of those?) would pass over or discard.  I love Home Depot, & whenever I’m there I check out the discount bin in the paint section.  They make these little jars of sample colours that people take home & try on their walls, but just like the big gallons, sometimes they don’t take them & so they go in the sale bin for 50 cents.  50 cents, people.  I grab those up & use them on my canvases.  If you sew or craft, check out a local free-cycle site for your community.  They are little online communities where people can post stuff they have or stuff they need.  Free stuff.  You’d be amazed at how many people are putting fabric or notions up for grabs.  Then there are estate sales, you actually have to pay for that stuff but you’ll be going nuts over the vintage fabrics you could find.

One of the greatest things about being a creative personality is that you already see things differently.  You already have that spirit in you that wants to make beautiful treasures that people can fall in love with.  You hear music that’s not playing & see colours that aren’t there.  It’s a gorgeous kind of crazy.  I can’t think of a more satisfying way of expressing yourself & your craft than by looking at something tossed aside & saying “You know what?  That thing is amazing & I’m going to show the world.”  Even if you prefer starting from scratch, you can pick through the remnant bin first or source your materials from sources those normal weirdos wouldn’t think of.  Plus, the normal weirdos will marvel at your coolness, originality & oh-so-trendy greenness, along with wanting to have their own one of a kind creations to show off.

When my shop opens in about two months, I hope to inspire & show off the cool things you can do with old stuff when you have some imagination & passion for making old things new again.  I promise there are no dresses made from cereal boxes stolen from people’s recycling bins or chandeliers made from beer bottles..

Wait, I totally want to make a chandelier from beer bottles.  I don’t know if I can give that one up though, that’s going in my house forever.  Or, you can pay me for the beer bottle chandelier, but the one made from wine bottles stays with me.  Mmm…wine.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, no cereal box dresses.  Dresses made from old men’s shirts or from other dresses, definitely (& they are so pretty, I wish I had pictures for sneak peeks right now but sadly they are not even with me to take pictures of at the moment).  Shopping bags made from thrifted tees & cute things made from great vintage fabric finds.  I even have adorable keepsake boxes that were once plain & ordinary until I attacked them, covering them with old Atlas pages & illustrations.

Enough about my stuff, you’ll see it soon enough.  What are some fun ways you incorporate green-living into your craftiness?  New ideas are fun to steal…I mean, copy…I mean, learn from?

This was a good week, although it was hot.  Very hot.  Like, over 100 hot in the lovely ATL.  Even though the week was a good one, I have been complain-y.  About the weather, the drive from my parrents’ house to everything else in my life, how fat I feel (I’m not looking for sympathy, just sayin’ I feel fat), what I have to do this weekend, the weather.  Then, I hung out with some friends last night and they were talking about gratitude and being grateful for their lives and what they have and all of that good stuff.  So, this coming week (starting today) I’m going to work for “An Attitude of Gratitude.”  It’s going to be great :)

This lovely tutorial by Katrina.  She’s awesome.  And so is this knowledge.

Um….this is awesome.  My mom knew about it, how did I not know?!  I have the eye makeup primer and it works like a miracle, so I imagine this is the same.


Most adorable picture of Rachel and Wicket


This picture needs no caption


Free font, yo!  Get it here

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ok, guys.  I spent most of my day, besides driving and being in class, working on this.  I want to see comments.  I decided yesterday to draw what I was wearing and then I decided to scan it into the computer so I could make it in Illustrator.  O.M.G.  I hope you like it.

Without further ado, what I wore yesterday, illustrated.

Lovely Bug

So, I finally have my shit together and got things posted up.  Like last summer, I’m selling jewelry I made, but instead of under Knit in Public (confusing to have jewelry under knitting).  I now have a lot of things up under Lovely Bug, but there’s more coming.  Vintage and original jewelry by me.  Yay!

I even handmade a stamp to stamp the tags with the orders.  School isn’t keeping me busy enough!

The winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway is

{drumroll please……..}

Miss Sonal!!!  Number 14!!  Please email me with your address, phone number, and dress size.  Congrats, Lady!!

If you didn’t win, no worries, Shabby Apple is having a huge summer sale right now and you (yes you) may be able to snatch up your favorite Shabby Apple dress.

And there are plenty of great dresses to choose from, some as low as $40!

Thank you to all who participated!  I’m going to have another giveaway soon, so stay posted!

Have a great day!

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